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Buatoppen Rorbuleilighet Bulandsferie | Bulandet
Andreasbua Bulandsferie sett frå nord

(Same building as Norbu and SørbuBack to Overview)


Spacy accomodation in the top floor of the fisherman`s cottage. Dining area with view over the sound outside. Living room with kitchen area, 2 bedrooms (2+2) - single or double by chose.

Shower and wc separated.

+ 2 mattrasses on loft, above the bedrooms (max 6 people)

Linen and towels, and final clean can be hired.


Outdoor areal and quay on south side of the building, garden furintures.  Small sitting area also on the northside of the building  (partyly roof) Path with gravel in the terreign from private road, about 30 meter.  Car parking NeXT to main road , ca 70 m frm the path. Possibility for loading gear out of and into car by the path. Place to take care of fish.

If booking only 1 night, we`ll add NOK 250 on the minimum price.

1 child under school age will not be counted.




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